Gildersleeve Pottery Studio

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Offering classes in wheel thrown pottery, hand-building, weaving and fiber arts

Owner and Teacher, Debbie Altschwager

Fused Glass Workshops

During weekends throughtout the year, I will be offering one day mini workshops in fused glass creations. Small jewelry pieces (earrings and pendants) will be made along with small tiles and dishes.

Fused Glass is like making a collage. Bits of flat glass, crushed glass and strands of glass are arranged in any design desired. A kiln is then used to heat the glass, fusing the bits and bobs together. After fusing the pieces together, a second firing can be used to slump the flat creation into a shallow dish.

Each workshop is two hours long.

The cost for the day, including all the glass and firings is $70.00 per person

The workshop size is limited to 5 (with a minimum of two)

Different days and times can be for availability...860-693-6460

  Debbie Altschwager       12 Gildersleeve Ave       Collinsville, CT 06019       (860) 693-6460

Updated 4/10/21